About Us

With over 20 years of market experience and thousands of projects completed, we know what our clients’ need - we aim to be the link between man and machine. Whether you are a trader trying to automate your trading approach and expose it to new markets and sessions, or an investor wanting help with the decision process by benefitting from advanced quantitative models, we can support you through each step.

Why Choose Us?

We could tell you about academic achievements, successful projects and unmistakable programming skills. The truth is that there are many talented people out there. What differentiates us is from the rest is that we are also traders. We believe that to master a skill you must have been exposed to all areas that field relates to. A programmer that has never been involved in order execution will miss identifying crucial risk factors when automating the execution process. A mathematician that has no market experience will fail to understand why his model works on paper but not in the real market environment.

We trade every single day – both algorithmically and manually. We trade to search for new ideas, to verify our models, or just to stay up to date with what is happening and get the satisfaction of a good trade. This means that we will be able to give you better advice on your models, identify risks that might have been unforeseen, and provide you with faster and more efficient solution to help your trading.

Even if you are not a trader yourself, you can still experience the benefits of trading by utilizing the strategies we offer where all our experience, research and hard work come together!

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